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Network Life Cycle Services

Network Analysis, Network Design, Network Procurement Service, Network Optimization Service, Development and Implementation of Tenders, Network Troubleshooting

This starts at the on-going analysis of the network, then it goes to development of communication concepts, then to the raw and detailed design, to the creation of auction documents and testing concepts, offer estimation and it closes with the development of a large proposition of acquisitions and presentation management.

Then PRO IN is presented to his customers as a partner in implementing available solutions, then PRO IN gladly accepts technical projects management and put them into action, including the final reception.

There PRO IN finances all the necessary technological domains like passive components (cables etc), the network technology selection and it’s right active components (switch etc), the internal and external transitions for the customer / calculus server, the company network, internet/ intranet, mobile phones users, system management and network system , security and voice/  data integration.

During function, as a supplement of the on-going maintenance of activities, the normal lighting of network is offered by PRO IN as a form of audit service.

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