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PRO IN-  Professional Information Network- is the product scale “managed security services”, assuring your company the proper training in the domain of requests of security in IT and the fact that it can react in front of threats.

Often, the companies react in lack of knowledge in case of a potential threat, too late for the current vulnerability in your system.  In case of emergency, this can put in danger the success of your company.

With the “managed security services” you are supplied with the security representation which make available the specific information of security. Plus, we inform you of the possible vulnerabilities of security in your system and we warn you, if necessary, as fast as we can.


Through PRO IN’s experience, obtained from international activity, through our belonging as a member of the international security organisms and daily research, you can receive qualified information and in this way you can concentrate better of your “ business”.

Full view on functionality

After the “security audit” from PRO IN, from which we will take and evaluate the network elements (network, server, client, firewall etc), we will complete a “managed services profile” to your corporate communications. This is our data base for research, quantifying and evaluating the actual vulnerabilities of security. You have access at your personal information on our WEB server. If necessary, we will inform you proactive, depends on the emergency, also via e-mail, text or phone.

Your advantage

You will obtain all the available safety information, based on the “managed services profile”. You don’t have to look in the distributed data base, searching relevant information. You will have access to PRO IN case of lowering the demands through the consultants, which are then available through conference call and e-mail on technical problems.


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