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In order to give you full support, we divided our capacities in different services, which are capable to match them with your needs.

These services vary from  the simple analysis and designing the existent IT/TK solutions through the settlement of some specifications, like contracts elaboration and agreements at the level  of service for efficient functionality, to the project management in the case of an acquisition. Even after  is put into function, you have the possibility to ask for our services  during the monitoring. All services are independent  and any combination of different services is possible in any moment.

PRO IN- PROfessional Information Network supplies along with the “analysis” service, a modulus from the life services program, that includes the base analysis and definitions for a IT/TK  appropriate project. These IT/TK solutions  at the level of a company and their network will be analyzed depending on your company’s needs. There will be the best technologies tested  based on the business requirements, developing  strategic solutions, opportunities and risks, their potential future being very precisely demonstrated. Only on this basis, we recommend you to take critical business decisions and then make extra planning steps.

This approach assures you that you will receive a fundamental IST, technical, economical analysis and clear, technical and economical presentation of the demands and the budget plan. In this way will you put the basis for the next steps of the project to assure you a project that will be finalized in the estimated budget and the cost program.

PRO IN - PROfessional Information Networks - supplies  along with the “ project management” service a modulus from the life services program, which is based on the IT/TK demands from the catalog and on the components of the contractual agreements at the level of service, also placing into action the companies projects and the whole technical management.

These fundamental, technical and economical approaches assures you the control of the project, also the right implementation and the base of a project which will be finalized on time and in the parameters of the budget.

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