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Events Planning

PRO IN- Professional Information Network-  offers you along with the “Events planning” service, the possibility to inform your all employees of the security needs of your company, raising the level of awareness of the security problem.

This thing starts by the strategic guidance to the potential current threats and to the current security demands, including the training of the IT staff towards new concepts and solutions, finalizing with the agreement by the employer of the security risks associated with the use of e-mail and internet services.

This thing can be guaranteed only by the involvement of all  the companies divisions, by the fact that there are taken the right decisions regarding IT security and that these are taken into account by the employees. Because the security only works on the principle: “ every chain is as strong as its weakest link”.

We are by your side every step of the development of the business, from the first notice of the planning till the support offered for placing into action, assuring including the recent information supplement and the elaboration of optimization.

The “Events planning” service assures you the IT/TK infrastructure and in consequence also the investment and the success of the company, through the security and long term services at the highest level.

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