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LAN - Solutions

A company network that is strong and available is the fundamental base of the success for a modern company. PRO IN  assures through the “LAN solutions” product range the data network at the level of company in order to satisfy these demands.

The use of local data network represents the central distribution of information for modern companies. All operations and relation within your company, as the clients and suppliers are completed by an IT infrastructure. In order to make this process efficient, it is vital that the infrastructure and the services to be adapted to the company.

The new applications for different business and technologies oriented towards the future like VOICE OVER IP or WIRELESS LAN will be channeled through the same network, often reaching to their performance limits.

Our consultant and planning services in “LAN solutions” services include the infrastructure ( technical space, air, distributors, power, UPS etc), active and passive components, all the relevant communications relation and system concepts and the best possible availability of a efficient damand and moving strategies for modifying a modern network architecture.

PRO IN “LAN solutions” is more than a technological consultant company. It offers the basis for your correct and strategic decision. Through the results you are assured that the network satisfies your needs even in the future. 

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